Mission Statement - The Peace Farm, as a neighbor to Pantex, witnesses to the dangers of nuclear weapons assembled there.  We work for the abolition of all nuclear weapons by moral and political persuasion in concert with like-minded groups throughout the world.
visits since August 15, 2004


Peace Farm Position Paper
Depleted Uranium

 Whereas the US and NATO used depleted uranium in the first Gulf War, Bosnia, the bombing of Serbia, Afghanistan and the 2003 invasion of Iraq,  (1)

Whereas DU can affect kidney, brain, liver, heart and many other systems. Research has shown leukemogenic, neurologic, genetic and reproductive health effects, (2)

Whereas DU is not only radioactive, but also a toxic metal (3) and can be taken in by inhalation, ingestion or shrapnel (4) and when powdered, it can spontaneously combust, (5)

Whereas over 1/4 of the Americans involved in the Gulf War reported immune system disorders, chronic pain, fatigue and memory loss(6), with DU combustion products thought to be a possible cause; (7) and Gulf War, Bosnia and Kosovo vets have 14 times the usual level of chromosomal abnormalities, (8)(9)

Whereas Gulf War male vets were almost 3 times as likely to have children with birth defects, and female Gulf War vets were almost 4 times as likely to have children with birth defects, (10),(11),(12)

Whereas Iraqi doctors and several newspapers attribute the sharp increase in childhood leukemia and genetic malformations in Basra since the 1991 Gulf War to the use of depleted uranium, (13) (14) and in 2004, the Iraqi leukemia death rate was higher than that of any other nation, (15)

Whereas the International Coalition to Ban Uranium Weapons, a group of over 155 NGOs and some states have asked for a ban on the production and military use of DU weapons, (16)

Whereas the UN working paper written by Y.K.J. Yueng Sik Yuen said that the use of DU may violate the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the Charter of the United Nations, the Genocide Convention, the United Nations Convention Against Torture, the Geneva Conventions including Protocol I, the Convention on Conventional Weapons of 1980 and the Chemical Weapons Convention, (17)

And whereas storing DU safely is extremely difficult, (18)

Therefore we, the Peace Farm, urge the administration to direct that the DOD immediately 
cease all use of depleted uranium in weaponry and instruct its suppliers to cease its production.

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The Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety Board (DNFSB) held a Pantex Public Meeting and Hearing at the Civic Center in Amarillo, Texas on Thursday March 14. 2013.
The event was held per the provisions of the Government in the Sunshine Act. The meeting's purpose was to provide timely & accurate information concerning the DNFSB's public and Pantex workers health and safety mission throughout the DOE defense nuclear complex.

Peace Farm Board President Jerry Stein; lower right; attended the all day event.

The DNFSB discussed three topics that are critical to "maintaining the highest levels of safety at Pantex": 1) Site emergency preparedness.
2) Safety culture at Pantex. 3) Status of key safety programs and the aging infrastructure of the Pantex facility.

visit dnfsb.gov for more information

DNFSB Public Meeting and Hearing concerning Pantex
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